Walking in the rain

Rashly believing the weather forecast, which stated that today should be rain free, we set out for what might be described as a proper walk. Why we should think today’s forecast should be any more accurate than those for preceding days I have no idea and there are squally showers. We are planning on taking a walk recommended by the guide book; a four mile circular walk from Elterwater, around Loughrigg Tarn. Maps often prove handy on occasions such as this and we have plenty. Forethought means that I have arranged to borrow several maps from Becca and Graeme prior to the trip. The only snag is that none of them cover this area. Based on our experience so far, which suggests that things are pretty well signed, we hope to be able to manage without. We avail ourselves of the National Trust car park. We have probably recouped our life membership fee on car parking savings for this trip alone. The walk we were planning seems somewhat devoid of signage but we follow herds of other walkers hoping that they know more than we do.

Near Elterwater

It is a pleasant walk, not too spoilt by the showers, although Loughrigg Tarn is conspicuous by its absence. I am solving the leaking boot issue by judicious deployment of a Morrisons’ carrier bag; never let it be said that I don’t recycle. We head out of Elterwater and seem to be going the right way. We get as far as Colwith Force where we meet a couple from Kent who are also trying to get back to Elterwater. They even have what passes for a map, well a least a bit of one, downloaded from the internet. We don’t do too badly, notwithstanding the sudden disinclination of the footpath signposts to have place names on them. Eventually we return to civilisation and are encouraged by seeing signs for Elterwater once again; albeit the four mile walk is nearer to six. We decide not to take the route that is signed ‘Ambleside challenging’ and manage to rediscover the car without getting soaked, despite some seriously threatening clouds.

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