Heading Northwards

We get away from Tewkesbury before 9.00am and the drive towards Coniston is largely uneventful. Only at the very end does our journey go a little awry and we don’t quite take the intended route. Good job we are used to narrow roads – surely this track down which the car and caravan barely fit is not an A road? It seems it is. On arrival at the site, there is a bit of an issue. I am sure we are to be here for seven nights but the site say we are booked in for eight. I check on the computer, yes we are here for eight nights – now we look like total numpties. We choose a secluded pitch at the far end of the caravan site. We are in a wooded location; already this is Blytonesque.

We drive a few miles through Coniston to walk round Tarn Hows, part of the Monk Coniston estate. This is held out by the AA Lake District guide as one of the unmissable sights – one down seven to go. The name Tarm Hows is a remnant of the C7th-C9th Norse habitation in this area. Tarn from tjorn, meaning tear drop and haugh or hill i.e the small lake within the hills. At the view point is a large empty picture frame that you are supposed to use to surround your photograph of the view. One lady is having difficultly getting herself, her baby and her dog all in the correct position whilst her hapless husband tries to get the perfect photo. There are some fluffy belted Galloway cattle guarding a bridge that we have to cross. Feeling like a scene from Billy Goats Gruff we placate the cattle and carry on our way over the rickety bridge. From a distance, a tree appears to be covered in some very regularly distributed fungus. On closer inspection, passers by have inserted coins into the fallen trunk – a money tree no less. The scenery is quite distinctive, plenty of hills, water, drystone walls and sheep.

The Money Tree

A Belted Galloway

The weather forecast is for torrential rain and gales with severe weather warnings – deep joy.

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