From Pudding Lane and cholera to shearing sheep – why I love my jobs

What a lovely few days, despite being so busy. Great to see the sheer joy on the enrapt faces of a group of 5-6 year olds as my colleague told them about London at the time of the Great Fire. Then some were the rapidly spreading fire whilst the others tried to put them out – magic. Yes even children of this age can sit still for an hour without fidgeting and they can be engaged in history.

Afterwards I was speaking to a local history group about life in 1851 and was able to meet a relative of John Snow who is mentioned in the talk and features in the History of Medicine as the man who helped to identify the cause of cholera. At the same meeting, I spoke to someone whose ancestor patented a particular type of sheep shears – very appropriate as I am about to embark on my travels in the footsteps of my Northumbrian shepherding ancestor. At every talk I give I learn something new. The second house history talk also brought forth interesting photos and plenty of enthusiasm for the history of Clovelly.

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