Mistress Agnes acts as runner and other televisual matters

Today was my day off so why then was I at work a full two hours before opening time? We had been asked to help out with a television series for the Yesterday channel to be called, I think, ‘Instruments of Death’. Our episode was to be about the weapons of the Civil War and the treatment of subsequent battle wounds. As I was member of staff without portfolio for the day I helped to get people in the right place at the right time for the production team and presenter Karl Ude-Martinez We dodged rain showers and pike drill with the visitors while the team filmed surgical treaments, musket ball making and then kitted Karl out as a pikeman. I somehow got roped in for some promotional photographs although noone in their right mind would use me to promote anything. I did even get to explain the role of rue in preventing camp fever, for the camera. Should be a really good series. Tomorrow I get to watch Gregg Wallace’s Who Do You Think You Are? and see if my part of the programme gets to be aired. All this star of stage and screen lark could go to one’s head.

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