History Interpreter Spans 8 Centuries and CCCC royalties

Lovely day at 1646 yesterday with some very interested visitors. In one session I had a family who inhabit the C11th and a lady from the Napoleonic era all discussing our respective periods’ footwear! I am still not sure why Medieval footwear had a left and a right, whilst C17th footwear does not. I really don’t buy the theory that soldiers needed to have ambidextrous footwear so they could put it on quickly during battle. Whoever thought that one up has clearly ignored the battles of Medieval times! I did sustain a helmet related injury today. A little tricky trying to explain the delights of the armour of the pikeman with blood pouring down one’s hand. A kind lady in the audience supplied a not very authentic looking plaster and I managed to avoid getting the customers covered in gore. Their next session was with the barber surgeon so think of it as a warm up.

Exciting to receive my first royalties payment for Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs – still waiting for the reviews in National Magazines with trepidation.

Day finished with a meeting of the Clovelly Archives Association Committee. Ok, so maybe it was a mistake to try to keep pace with the thirtysomethings up the (very steep) hill afterwards – especially after Zumbaing the day before but hey I almost managed it – or were they being kind?


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