Historical Goings On at Woolsery Show

After a week of manic sourcing, printing and laminating, we were ready for the first public appearance of The Clovelly Community Archives Association. On Sunday four of us managed to find the right pitch and began to erect the booths to protect us from the summer weather. Let’s just say we were no longer expecting to suffer from heat stroke. Just how many people does it take to put up a display stand? The men enjoyed the post ramming, whilst the ladies assumed a vital supervisory role.

How Many People Does It Take…?

The stall is ready so we don our historical costumes, I achieve this by skulking behind the stall. Looking at the menfolk I doubt the wisdom of the ancestral costume. We are supposed to be attracting people to the stall!

‘Attracting’ People to the Stall

Who sited us next to a book stall? – this demands danger money. As I have forgotten to bring any money with me it probably won’t lead to bankruptcy. We started slowly but by 11.30 people we had a steady stream of people and they didn’t just pass by, they stopped to chat. There was a great deal of interest in the project and we were all encouraged by this. It was also a good opportunity for the team to get to know each other better. People had fun identifying themselves in the school photos and we managed to name all the people in the pictures of the 1970s and 1980s. Mind you, some people may have preferred that we hadn’t named them. One highlight was when I overheard my fellow helpers chatting to two people, both interested in the Headon family. I assumed they had arrived together but no, they had never met before.

The historical costume did attract press attention and may lead to an item in the local paper. I am just sorry I didn’t manage to get a picture of our lady helpers. Now to pack it all away until next time.

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