The History Interpreter @Clovelly, Herding Sheep and Other Stories

Lovely time @ClovellyVillage Maritime Festival on Sunday.

On the way home we spotted some sheep loose on the A39. Fresh from researching ancestor John Hogg the shepherd, I encouraged Chris to do a little herding. You can see why shepherds use dogs. We (that would be the royal we) did manage to rescue one sheep and alert the owner to the bid for freedom of the other – well that’s living in the country for you.

Monday I headed south to find out about a new research request. Makes a change to be following up an armigerous family instead of the usual ag. labs.

This week saw my first experience as an e.bay seller. I have thus managed to convert a 1950s retro table into a wooden hand butter churn. Well strictly I converted it to half a butter churn. The instructions suggest that butter making will take about half an hour. Yet another physically demanding and arduous task for our female ancestors. I am safe in the knowledge that for Mistress Agnes in the C17th at least, butter making would be over for this year. Butter making was a spring time activity. With the addition of plenty of salt it would last for the rest of the year.

I have been invited to take part in the Marine Lives Project this looks like an exciting venture, combining several of my interests.

More progress on the Clovelly Community Archive Association front. Helped to sift through a room full of treasures this morning, to assess the archival storage requirements. Nearly added metal trunk related injuries to those occasioned by the gravestone last week. Who would think that being an historian would be such a dangerous job? Some wonderful gems discovered, which we hope may become more widely available before too long. Also previewed the future home for the Community Archive – exciting. Now back to planning the Association’s stall for the Woolsery Show.

The Future Home of Clovelly Community Archive


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