Clovelly Bits and Pieces and the Aftermath of ‘Racing’

I’ve found some lovely photos for Clovelly Archive Association to display at the upcoming Woolsery Show. It also looks like we have found a way of digitising some unique Clovelly records – more on this soon – now all we need is the funding. If anyone can recognise any of these Clovelly school children from 1912 please let me know.

Today was ‘race’ day. Thankfully the rain held off but it was incredibly humid. I don’t mind being overtaken by lycra clad 20 somethings with stop watches but it is a little humiliating to be left standing by three year olds hampered by scooters, those in their late eighties and anyone weighing more than 30 stone. I certainly did better than last year when I inadvertantly ended up taking part on the much hillier Plymouth course. Thanks to a burst of speed at the end, which I am now regretting, I made it in 39 minutes but I do have to confess that the course was 200-300 metres short of the 5k it should have been owing to a puddle induced official diversion. Could I have done that extra 200-300 metres and still arrived back in 40 minutes, which is my goal – who knows? My last minute sprint also fooled my official photographer who was still waiting for me to trot past some ten minutes after I actually finished, so no action shots this year – probably as well – not a pretty sight. I promise you I did actually run the course! Many thanks to my sponsors/supporters. I would also like to thank my physiotherapist, my trainer, my sports psychologist – oh just remembered I don’t have any of those – been watching too much Wimbledon!


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