Mistress Agnes does science – energy in the C17th

Emerged from the job we mustn’t mention to attend Bideford College science day. We do this every year and have to try and adapt what we have to offer in the way of C17th bits and pieces to the scientific theme of the year. Sometimes this is trickier than others – water caused no problems – fetching it (did you know that a wooden bucket full of water weighs about 4 stone?), not drinking it, not bothering to wash with it, cleaning, laundry etc. etc.. Colour though – a bit more difficult once you’ve exhausted the limits of dyeing and heraldry. This year it was energy – mmm. Energy required to fire a gun, energy needed to be a housewife. Actually it doesn’t seem to matter what we do as long as it involves urine somewhere along the line. Our list of C17th uses of urine is now up to 70. Was it coincidence that our tables were outside the toilets? Or next to a stand labelled ‘big bellies’, manned by a size zero person?

Fascinating street theatre/storytelling opposite and interesting to see the hemp spinning – could do with some hemp fabric for our shifts – pity it isn’t the most economical option.


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