Mistress Agnes does her bit for Wildlife

Well, it is a good job I’ve sold a box worth of Coffers, Clysters etc. lately. I rescued an injured collared dove from cats and downpours on my way to the community shop committee meeting on Thursday. In the absence of any better ideas, it spent the night in my porch eating bird food. The next day I arranged to hand it over to Hartland Wildlife Sanctuary and the box came in very handy.

Most of this week has been spent in trying to get used to Windows 7 and transfer files, addresses, favourites, music etc. from the old computer to the new. Pretty much managed it now, thanks to a day skyping Martha for assistance. Also been preparing for the next month when I shall be doing a job to which I am not allowed to allude on social media. This preparation includes cleaning the house as it won’t get cleaned again until July!

Great news on the Clovelly Archive front – we have a system for scanning the unique records left by Christina Hamlyn and an offer of premises for the archive. The Archive Association will have a stand at Woolsery Show on 30th July.


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